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Application Services

Applying for a license as a nonprofit producer and/or distributor of medical cannabis is a rigorous process. Success requires political capital and comprehensive knowledge of cultivation, chain of custody, distribution and management, to name a few. RGA offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of the application process, scalable in any state.

Agro-industrial Design

RGA has designed two state of the art grow facilities for the largest, most trusted LNPPs in New Mexico, which serve as showrooms for our services. RGA will provide detailed information regarding design of a production facility that may be shared with a qualified engineer or architect (subject to confidentiality provisions).

Management Consulting

Our management consulting starts with strategic planning for grow facility, distribution facility, purchase and installation of equipment, personnel hiring, on-site training and overall operations plan. Our management services include licensing of trade secrets and installation and management of all hardware and software required to operate a successful medical cannabis business.