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Application Services

Applying for a license as a nonprofit producer and/or distributor of medical cannabis is a rigorous process. Success requires political capital and comprehensive knowledge of cultivation, chain of custody, distribution and management, to name a few. RGA offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of the application process, scalable in any state.

Agro-industrial Design

RGA operates a state of the art grow facility for the largest, most trusted LNPP in New Mexico, which serves as a showroom for our services. RGA will provide detailed information regarding design of a production facility that may be shared with a qualified engineer or architect (subject to confidentiality provisions).

Management Consulting

Our management consulting starts with strategic planning for grow facility, distribution facility, purchase and installation of equipment, personnel hiring, on-site training and overall operations plan. Our management services include licensing of trade secrets and installation and management of all hardware and software required to operate a successful medical cannabis business.